Misto Oil Sprayer — Review

A few years ago, a package showed up at my door from a thoughtful family member containing a Misto oil sprayer. I briefly pondered if this was on my Amazon wishlist. You know, one of those spur of the moment must-have kitchen items that I had added because how could I possibly continue cooking without it? But no, I never asked for a Misto. Why would I? Nicely packaged cans of non-stick PAM had treated me well for so many years. As it turns out, the Misto oil sprayer (that goes for about 10 bucks) has many more useful applications than a can of non-stick spray.

Misto Oil Sprayer and PAM Non-stick Spray

In a nutshell, the Misto device allows you to spray a thin, even layer of oil. Here are a few items that always get the Misto treatment:

  • Roasted and broiled vegetables
  • Baked fries
  • Rising breads
  • Outside of panini
  • Grilled and broiled breads (bruschetta, crostini, garlic bread)
  • Breadcrumb topped foods – it gives them that desirable crispiness

Comparing it to the competition (PAM® spray)
Here is one way to really compare the Misto and your stock-standard non-stick cooking spray, and it isn’t pretty. Just take two lightly toasted pieces of bread, spray one with the Misto and give it a try.  Pretty good! Now, spray the other with non-stick cooking spray and take a bite. Blargh! Perhaps the propellant ingredient didn’t have a chance to evaporate, but it was downright terrible. I don’t recommend doing this… but we just had to give it a shot.

Canned non-stick cooking spray is still useful in the kitchen, but the Misto really opens doors by allowing you to apply the perfect amount of oil to any dish. I’d recommend having at least one Misto with your favorite olive oil inside, you’ll be surprised how often you use it.

Inspired Eats’ Misto how-to
After using the Misto for a while, you become quite accustomed to it. However, it’s not a completely self-explanatory accessory, so here are a few general usage instructions that will make your misting experience more enjoyable.

  • Only fill the Misto 1/3 to 1/2 full with oil. The remaining space is necessary for building pressure.
  • Give the Misto 10-15 quick pumps before using. Sounds like a lot — it is not.
  • After using the Misto, give the cap a quick turn to release pressure. This prevents oil buildup.
  • That’s it!

The Misto is a very useful tool in your own kitchen and makes a great affordable gift for cooking enthusiasts and anyone trying to eat a healthier diet. Find it at your local cooking accessory retailer or online at Amazon.com.

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