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  • Thanksgiving 2012

    Thanksgiving 2012

    Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving Meal (2012) Clockwise from the top: caramelized onion butternut roast with chestnuts (from Veganomicon), mashed potatoes (Idaho potatoes, Earth Balance, sea salt, vegan cream cheese), homestyle gravy (from American Vegan Kitchen), 21 grain stuffing (recipe in progress), simple cranberry sauce (fresh cranberries, sugar, water), and a wheat roll. So good!

  • Delicatessen Vegan Corned Beef on Rye

    Delicatessen Vegan Corned Beef on Rye

    If you’ve got a craving for a serious deli sandwich, this recipe will make your day. Shaved delicatessen vegan corned beef topped with sauerkraut and deli mustard hits the spot any day of the week. The aroma from brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon, and allspice will take over your kitchen while the loaf bakes. After baking…

  • Italian Tempeh and Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Zucchini

    Italian Tempeh and Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Zucchini

    Stuffing vegetables is one of those culinary treats that we just don’t enjoy frequently enough. Too often we’re stuffing bread to make calzones, stuffing pasta to make stuffed shells or cannelloni, or stuffing crepes to make… well, crepes. While those are all delicious meals, I feel like stuffed zucchinis really hold their own as an…

  • Tempeh Paella

    Tempeh Paella

    Tempeh paella combines delicious tempeh and fresh asparagus with traditional saffron seasoned rice. The resulting dish is very hearty and has the home-cooked feel that is nearly impossible to find while dining out. If you can’t find saffron locally, try a reputable online retailer such as Spices Inc. to purchase threads of saffron for this recipe. I…

  • Seitan Wellington

    If you’re in the mood for a tasty, warm, stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal, then look no further. Seitan wellington is a dish inspired by the classic beef wellington. This is a very loosely put together recipe, and I may tighten it up in the future. For now, use your best judgment given the ingredients and…

  • Sweet & Spicy Cranberry Tomato Salsa

    Sweet & Spicy Cranberry Tomato Salsa

    Sweet & spicy cranberry tomato salsa is one of my new favorite things. The sweetness and tartness of the cranberries brings a wonderful twist to spicy and salty salsa.

  • Celery-Onion Stuffing

    Celery-Onion Stuffing

    Stuffing (or dressing) is a common holiday staple. As such, there are countless variations on this traditional dish, yet the stuffing that joins potatoes on my Thanksgiving plate is often a simple one, prepared with an herb blend with sautéed celery and onion. The perfect stuffing not only requires a few key seasonings, but to…

  • Extreme Chocolate Brownie Waffles

    Extreme Chocolate Brownie Waffles

    In this adapted recipe from the Veganomicon, I’ve taken a bit of reserved batter to make a brownie batter sauce to pour over the waffles for that gooey, chocolaty goodness. I did not use soy yogurt from this recipe and opted to use just a few chocolate chips, since the waffles were going to be topped…

  • What’s Coming Up, Thanksgiving 2010

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful concept — a yearly celebration often spent with friends and family to be thankful for having food on the table. As someone that enjoys preparing meals from scratch, it’s one of my most favored holidays. Butterflake Rolls, Herb-seasoned Stuffing, and Mashed Potatoes This Thanksgiving, we’re going to put together many of…